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The first FRAM oil filter solved two problems. Its housing contained an easily replaceable metal canister, which greatly sped up the process of changing filters. The canister, or cartridge, was packed with metal fibres, chemically treated by a patented FRAM method. The filtering media removed so much contaminant that the oil was visibly cleaner after passing through the filter. For the first time, motorists had visible proof that the oil filter was doing its job.

Introducing Triad Technology! Finally a true breakthrough in air filter technology! Unlike ordinary fibres new Triad technology actually helps trap dirt inside tiny microscopic channels to trap more dirt without a subsequent increase in air flow restriction. Combined with FRAM’s high efficiency blend of round and synthetic fibres, FRAM Extra Life III with Triad technology represents the new state of the art in automotive air filters.

What does a FRAM filter do?

FRAM Air Filters provide high levels of protection from dust and dirt, preventing damage to valves, cylinders, rings, rockers and bearings. Yet, because engines need 10,000 to 12,000 gallons of air to burn one gallon of fuel, FRAM air filters are engineered to allow air flow. You get top protection of your air intake without sacrificing the correct fuel-to-air ratio. It is recommended that air filters should be checked with every oil change.

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